Item # 079GLR

Dimensions: 30 1/2W x 36D x 41"H
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Features and benefts

  • Ergonomic design with reclining backrest and superior lumbar support
  • Long and smooth gliding motion for ultimate relaxation
  • Optional integrated Technogel® padding for next level comfort
  • Available in a variety of fabrics, leathers and leather matches to cater to everyone’s taste
  • Made in Canada by our skilled craftsmen


  • Unique comfort on the market
  • Eliminates body pressure for joint relief
  • Absorbs and disperses body heat
  • Exclusive partnership with us


  • Legs and base: Birch laminated or metal
    Finish: Stain, sealer and lacquer 


  • Polyester fber and polyurethane foam
  • Density: 2.55 lb/ft2
  • Compression: 35 lb/ft2
  • Seat and back decking: No-sag spring
  • Technogel seating option 


  • Odorless, non-toxic and hypoallergenic
  • 100% polyurethane
  • Made in Italy


  • Gliding motion integrated into the armrests
    Exclusive mechanism

We offer personalized furniture to fit your unique style. You can customize any of our gliders to create the perfect fit for your home decor. Simply choose your favourite fabric and wood finish.

Our chairs have one of the most gentle and longest glides available on the market.

Multiposition Lock
 This mechanism combines comfort and ergonomics with several different positions while maintaining the seat angle. Perfect for every height.

The backrest reclining mechanism is body pressure activated to improve comfort levels.

Integrated Footrest*
Available in some models, the integrated footrest is activated by applying light body pressure to the rear. Paired with the reclining mechanism, you can achieve the most relaxing stretched-out position.

Gliding Ottoman*
The ottoman is designed to glide in tandem with the chair. Paired with the chair's reclining mechanism, you can achieve the most relaxing lying-down position.

Techno Gel*
This Italian technology can be integrated into the chair seat, providing a wide range of benefits, including pressure point and pain relief, as well as superior support.

Plug in or Battery-powered Motor*
The integrated footrest and reclining mechanism can be powered quietly and independently. Available in electric or battery-operated versions.

Lumbar Pillow*
The lumbar pillow is designed to support your back and improve your seating comfort. Choose its recovery from our many fabrics to match it to your chair.