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How do you make your favourite crib even more incredible? By painting it rustic grey, a new colour specially designed .
 Guaranteed to impress! The crib includes a conversion kit to transform it into a daybed and a single bed. With an exclusive eco-friendly design, 
it meets the highest industry safety standards and has  an adjustable bed base with two height settings.
Give your baby the heartwarming, cozy comfort of a  crib for the early stages of life. The dual height adjustable bed base makes picking up your newborn easier and provides the utmost safety for your growing child.
When the time is right, transform your little one’s crib into a daybed in one easy step. Just remove the rails on the crib to give your little darling a gentle and careful transition to full autonomy.
Your child is ready to make the big jump to a single bed. With a conversion kit, transform your daybed into a regular bed, hassle-free.
Our furniture is customized to suit your taste and blends seamlessly with your decor in several possible colour combinations. 
We are committed to your little ones' health; our varnishes are non-toxic and sanding by hand gives a super soft finish.
Handcrafted in Canada