4 in 1 crib

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This is a 4 in 1 convertible product. The 4
Leveled mattress support allows you to
adjust according to your child’s growth.
The highest mattress position sits at 26
inches and the lowest at 9 inches. Product
can be converted from a Baby Crib to a
Day Bed/Love Seat, Toddler bed, or a
Full-Size bed. With a full-size headboard
and footboard, sold separately, product
can be converted into a Full-Size Bed.

1. Finished Aspen wood
2. Toddler bed with Guard Rail
3. Day bed.
4. Full Size headboard and foodboard for
full size bed. (full size conversion
rail kit not included).
5. 4 level mattress support
8. Nontoxic easy-care finish.

Products Dimension:
52”W x 43” H x 30.5” D
Packaging Size
61” x 7” x 43”
Products Weight:
76 lbs.
Available Colors:
Cherry, White, Pecan, Natural