Vanity with mirror

Having a mirror bedroom or makeup vanity is a great way to get ready in the morning conveniently. These vanities provide storage space for makeup and hair supplies and a mirror to assist you. At Kids Furniture Superstore, we offered mirror bedrooms and makeup vanities with mirrored surfaces and included mirrors. To match your bedroom style, consider an Art Deco style vanity with gilt edging or vanity without a golden edge for more conservative styling. When deciding where to place your makeup vanity, it's essential to choose a functional and stylish location. You can maximize convenience by placing it strategically, such as facing the bedroom door, to make the space appear larger and lighter. If you want to incorporate your vanity into your color palette, consider the edging color and whether it matches your existing furniture. Fortunately, a vanity with a mirrored surface will reflect the colors present in the room, making it easy to blend in seamlessly.

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